Instagram is THE place to be right now

instagramWith Instagram currently having over a billion users (it was at 800 million in September 2017),  it is the largest Social Network right now, even topping Snapchat.

Just like 20 years ago, when you really needed to have a website on the brand new thing called the World Wide Web (aka Internet, aka The Net), right now you really need to have an Instagram in order to promote your business and drive traffic to your website.

One could reasonably make the argument that Instagram is even better than search results at getting people to go to your website. Is your business profile Instagram professional-looking or does it just look like an individual who’s posting pictures of their personal life?

Are your pictures polished and your overall aesthetic cohesive or does it just look like a jumbled photo album stuck online.

If you need a little sprucing up on your profile check out my services on getting your personalized custom Instagram story highlights – created in Photoshop – delivered to you in the exact specs needed for the Instagram story highlight icon.  For an example, see a screenshot of one of my brands (photo at the bottom).

If you don’t want custom story highlights, you can use a free service online to create them.  If you don’t have time, again, you can contact me for assistance!

I can also do a one-on-one consult with you to show you how you can get more followers and I can supply you with a resource file that tells you all about the resources I’ve been using.  To get started – go ahead and join my Facebook group made specifically to grow your followers on Instagram >> here.

I’ve only been on Instagram for a little over 6 months for two of my brands and in that short time I’ve been able to find resources that grew my followers by the hundreds in a two to three week period. And I can put that system to work for you as well!

Contact me or email me to find out more!

Side note : I also use this blog space for my travel blog so if you are looking for that or if you follow Travel With Lesli, you’re still in the right spot! If you aren’t following either of my blogs (business or travel) well go ahead and follow me – the more the merrier!


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Specializing in web design, social media management, logo creation and branding, FB memes, wedding displays for church projectors, slideshows for funerals, end of school year and many other media related projects.

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