Overdose Awareness Films

International Overdose Awareness Day is August 31st, just a few days ago.

Below are 2 short videos that I’m very passionate about.  One I produced specifically to increase awareness around overdose – there is both a lack of information and misinformation about this very important topic and the 2 films below are my small contribution to try and remedy that situation.

The second video is mine and my sister’s story about our very personal experience with overdose.  I won’t give spoilers, please take a look for yourself.  Both videos are short and don’t take much time to watch.

Please, please, please share these videos on your social media channels to increase awareness.  Right now there is an epidemic in the US.  A big portion of this is due to lack of information and another big portion is due to lack of oversight of the pharmaceutical industry and negligence on the part of doctors and administrators prescribing opioids.

Please comment below if you have had a close call with overdose or lost someone due to overdose.


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