Current or Recent Projects


Among several other projects I’ve gotten two new client videos up – they were a blast to make!  Cub Scout Pack 8 Fundraiser Promo and a Promo for a local Real Estate Agent!

Fall 2017

New web site for client CB Primal!  This is a health coach located in the Houston area.  A host gator hosted site!

New WordPress site for my software developer client, Snake Eyes Software.  Website link coming soon – once the site is unveiled!


Summer 2017

New web site format for the Minecraft Mom site and a dedicated domain now!   Better look, better format, better domain!

Please check out and subscribe to my YouTube Channel : Lesli Web Design on YouTube!!  New videos are posted almost every week, sometimes more than one a week.

And since it’s summer, that means I’ll be traveling a bit and posting new travel videos!

December 2016 / January 2017

Busy, busy, busy is the word……for my blog, that is – Travel Around With Lesli.

I’ve got several new posts and fun videos of my recent travels.   And I got to video a Local Houston Band, The Blue Monks to put together a video montage of some of their live music!  All that is or will be on my YouTube channel!  Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe.

Along with those projects I’ve also been seriously studying up and practicing internet market through things like promoting my Facebook posts, creating ads on Google AdWords and monetizing on YouTube.  There’s a lot of serious internet advertising to be had out there my friends!  Just contact me if you need to discuss an internet marketing project for your business or blog.

November 2016

Linked In is giving away $50 in free ad credit for those wishing to advertise themselves or their business on Linked In.  I can help you build your campaign!!  Call me or email me today to set this up!  713-992-8021 or


September 2016

New Ad Campaign

Well Lesli Web Design has just signed up for Google Ads and will be popping up occasionally on web design related searches on Google!

New Travel BLOG and Video

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new Travel Blog and brand called Travel Around with Lesli.  And to kick-off I designed/edited/created my first video for the site which lets viewers take a peek at what it’s like to ride on an Amtrak train.

This website will basically be a Trip Advisor type of site but from the perspective of an individual who has authentically traveled (and documented) the places I mention.  It’s going to be great and fun!!

Check out the site : Travel Around with Lesli


To see the video you can go to my portfolio section of this site.

Summer 2016

SHOPPING is now here!!  Not only am I opening up an amazon affiliate store, I am currently working on a concept of selling odds and ends found through estate sales and the like!  Check back for the store, click the button for amazon gift cards (or anything else) right now!

Brand new Life Hack video is coming up soon and a couple of travel videos (due to some extensive traveling I did this summer)!

If you want to see the You Tube channel (or better yet, subscribe to it!), click here!

Also in the works for the last couple of weeks is a brand new website for Parker Elem. PTO using the tools provided by the clever folks over at!  It’s a great little product that they offer!

Brand new Life Hack video is up and running on our You Tube channel and you can preview an embed version right here on this site on the Portfolio Page.

If you want to see the You Tube channel (or better yet, subscribe to it!), click here!

My current projects are digital video creations!

I recently completed a vocal performance demo video as well as a digital animation video for the Minecraft Mom website!

Here’s the animation video on YouTube!!

Check out a couple of fun, festive and cute holiday memes !

16 Days to Christmas
Christmas Meme


You can also view them in the Portfolio Carousel.

My current project is working with NELA InfoSec Group to develop a website for them as well as their logo and it was SO fun! It’s mostly completed, not 100% yet, but almost there! Please take a look!


And as always, I’m working on various graphic design images for my own website or to use as memes on Facebook.  To see the latest images, go to the portfolio page and check out the image carousel.


  • My current project is working with Inner Wellness in Clear Lake to help them develop a site as well as training them on how to maintain and edit it going forward!
  • I’m also working on a “for fun” project!  I’m developing a site for my boys, avid Minecrafters, that will show different texture packs they like for the game, as well as some info about other favorite games like Terraria.  Check out the site.
  • I’m so excited to currently be volunteering my time to act as social media manager and web site manager for the Parker Elementary PTO, for the 2015-16 school year!  Check out their Facebook page or the Parker PTO website!