Lesli Stockwell Brown

Actor / Vocalist

Lesli Stockwell Brown


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V I T A L   S T A T I S T I C S :

Hair : Light Brown

Eye Color : Blue

Height / Weight : 5’3” 126

Vocal Range: Soprano

F I L M :

Killed Off Matty/Julie Johnston Lesli Stockwell Turner, Dir.

T H E A T R E  /  M U S I C A L T H E A T R E :

 Jungle Book Kids Musical      Wolf / Vulture                                               Fort Bend Theater
What Would Mary Do?              Mary                                                            Sale Street Drama
Church in a Box                        Cashier                                                        Sale Street Drama
Amahl and the Night Visitors   Dancer / Chorus                                          Theater Shenandoah, VA
Beethoven Is…   (reading)         Princess Lichnovsky /Nanette Stricher       Oberon Theater Co, NYC
Crimes of the Heart                   Lenny                                                          The Neighborhood Playhouse, NYC
All My Sons                                Sue                                                              The Neighborhood Playhouse, NYC
The 7 Year Itch                           Marie/Pat                                                     Church Hill Theatre, MD

C A B A R E T  /  M U S I C A L R E V U E:

Duet/Ensemble Ensemble and Duet Blue Ridge Theater Fest., VA

Solo Singing Featured Performer Dillon’s Café, Times Square

Solo Singing Headliner Producer’s Club, Times Square

E D U C A T I O N / T R A I N I N G :

The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre, New York

Professional Actor Training Program – 1 year (Meisner Technique)

Ron Stetson (acting teacher)

The Shakespeare Theatre, Washington DC

Laban Movement For The Actor, R. Scott Williams

Workshops for Cold Reading and/or On-Camera

Julie Tucker, Casting Assoc. (Lynn Kressel Casting), Law and Order SVU

Rob Decina, CD, Guiding Light

Dani Super, CD in NY

Angela Terry, CD in LA

Donna Reid, New York

Vocal Technique for Singing

Ron Shetler, New York

Vocal Technique for Singing

S K I L L S :

Dance: Ballet, Basic Tap, Ballroom

Accents : British, Russian, Cajun (USA), Texan & Louisiana (USA), Southern (USA), New York (USA), Irish, Scots

Music: Vocal performance, keyboards

Foreign languages : Spanish (conversational/intermediate), French (conversational)

Industry Expertise : Former Intern on Capitol Hill/House of Representatives, Computer programming knowledge, Web Design and Social Media knowledge

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